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Abstract Record

Cover Art & Digital Artwork

Graphic Design & Album Cover Artwork, created using Photoshop

Using Photoshop we capture the imagination of the artist and their idea. Top level visuals to match top level music. Whether illustration or image based can bring your design to life.

Logo Designer at Work

Logo Design & Brand identity

Graphic Design, Vectors and Creating Visual Identity using Illustrator & Photoshop

The Logo is only the beginning of the design process, we create the identity for your brand by showing you how your design can be used for merchandise/products and online material, 

Logo Design

Logo Design & Illustrations

Graphic Design,  Illustration Artwork and Vectors using Illustrator & Photoshop

Using original ideas we create brand identitys through illustrations and Logo design.

We take your ideas and peice together an image that fits your brand, culture and style
of your business.

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