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Music Production T&C's

License Overview

Before ordering your Instrumental License it is important you read the table below showing what you are entitled to, following the terms of conditions laid out. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at

Mp3 File

Wav File 

Sales Figures
(Total units sold)

Seperate Track Lines
(Wav Files)

Profitable Prjocets

TV and Radio Air Play

Voice Tagged Instrumentals

Non profitable Projects

Performance and Video Earnings

Instrumental cannot be sold after purchase

Leasing Rights

£30 - £ 50

2,000 Sales Units

1 Project
(mixtape, album, single etc)

Proffesional Lease

£50 - £100

5,000 Sales Units

2 Projects
(+ Shows, Performances & Videos etc)

The Chose Of One
(video or Performance)

Premium Lease

£100 - £300

10,000 Sales Units 

4 Project

Exclusive Rights

£300 - £1000


Unlimited Prjoects

Leasing Rights License

Purchasing these Leasing Rights grants the Licensee a fixed amount of rights to the beat purchased for only one commercial use (e.g. album, EP, single or mix-tape) on any other medium such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, LPs, Cassettes, USB-Sticks or digital sales (e.g. iTunes, google-play, etc.). Circulation of up to 2.000 sales units is allowed, all royalty-free. This would count as 1 profitable project.


Once the Licensee has reached the allowed number of sales and any other limits concerning license agreement, no more sales can be made. The Licensee agrees to remove his song(s) from any marketplaces, stores, etc to avoid the song(s) from being sold to third parties. After the salary cap of 2000 sales units is reached the client can upgrade his license. If the exclusive rights are no longer available, this does not affect the client from being allowed to upgrade their License to the highest type of non-exclusive license (such as Premium Lease or Professional Lease).


All files (MP3's and Wavs) purchased will begin with a voice tag integrated at the start of the track, for marketing and copyright purposes. The Licensee commits to not removing it. Voice tags embedded in the file will be removed from the Instrumental and will also be removed from any file purchased under any non-exclusive/exclusive license.


Once the client has completed their purchase, an MP3 file will be immediately downloadable. A license overview, Terms and Conditions, and a receipt will be sent to the client via email. Purchasing Leasing Rights does not make the licensee the sole owner of the beat, nor does it give the licensee any administrative or legal rights to it.


In order for the Licensee to make any profitable income from the purchased beat they must own exclusive rights or a higher non-exclusive rights such as ‘premium leasing rights’ or ‘professional lease rights’. CreativemindsUK forbids the re-selling, unlawful distribution or any modification of any purchased beat.


The licensee understands that CreativemindsUK maintains full copyright ownership of the original instrumental and therefore cannot use any beat compositions for any external media or artistic project without a separate and exclusive license from CreativemindsUK.


The Licensee must include CreativemindsUK on all licensed material in external productions.

Professional Lease Rights

The same Terms and Conditions as the Leasing Rights License apply when acquiring the Professional Lease Rights, but with the following differences:


Professional Lease Rights allow for up to 4.000 sales units and two external media projects. CreativemindsUK reserves the right to collect a penalty of an upgraded amounts.

Premium Lease Rights

Purchasing the Premium Lease Rights withholds the same restrictions as the Leasing Rights and Professional Lease Rights, including the following differences:


Premium Lease Rights allow for up to 10,000 total sales units and 4 profitable projects.


Once the licensee has reached the limit of allowed sales units and further sales are desired, a new license, providing available need to be bought- exclusive rights not bought.

Exclusive Rights

Exclusive Rights grants the customer full commercial rights to the purchased beat. There is no sales cap for exclusive rights. A purchase comes as a mixed tag-free WAV-file, a mixed MP3-file and a download link for separate tracked out WAV-format.


Once a beat has been sold with exclusive rights, it will no longer be available for future licensing. Previous leasing rights being sold before the beat has been sold exclusively are not affected hereby and stay valid until the sales cap has been reached. License owners of non-exclusive rights may upgrade their current non-exclusive license to a higher non-exclusive license (if available). It is possible that a beat has been leased several times before exclusive rights are sold. Once exclusive rights are sold, the beat(s) will be marked as ‘sold’ and any possible download and licensing option will be removed.


Upon request, a sold beat may be removed from any website and marketing space where it has been offered for sale by the licensor, if the licensor agrees to. This excludes demonstration videos (e.g. youtube, etc.) or demonstration audio material used in intros, animations or as background music. The Licensee is not allowed, nor has the authority; to dis-allow/forbid other non-exclusive license-owners any use of the beat-composition(s) for commercial/profitable purpose or take legal actions against non-exclusive license owners.


The licensor forbids re-sale or other distribution of the producer’s beat-composition, either as they exist or any modifications thereof for use in any competitive product, nor can the licensee transfer his rights to the beat-composition to a third party if it’s not a full song with artist’s/licensee’s own vocals or at least lyrics. The Licensee is allowed to sell his song over the beat-composition without any sales limitation or sales cap, worldwide, without term inability, in any commercial/profitable form, and/or transfer the rights to his song over the beat, to another party such as a Record Label, another production company and another artist, but never the rights to the beat-composition itself for a standalone beat-composition product.


The licensee understands that the CreativemindsUK maintains 100% copyright and ownership of the original instrumental composition. CreativemindsUK maintains the administrative and legislative rights to every beat.


The Licensee can use song(s) over beat compositions as background element in TV, Film and DVD / computer game projects without obtaining written consent and/or another license agreement. Licensee must credit CreativemindsUK.

Payment methods

CreativemindsUK accepts PayPal, Major Credit Card Payments and Bank transfers. All payments are paid before delivery of the instrumental. Once purchased the product will be available to download instantly right after the payment has gone through. Payments that are still pending and not being credited yet need to be credited before delivery. In case of a money-refund by any of the parties, the issued contract becomes invalid. Payments that are in any form held, refunded, cancelled or incorrect, by any of the parties, are annulled. The issued contract(s)/license agreement(s) and all of the granted rights therein become invalid and reversed.


Privacy Policy/ Digital Download Policy / Limitation Liability / Copyrights

We do not share your information with anyone. It is held privately on a secure server. We do not spam or overflow your inbox and we will contact you once or twice a week with information. By signing up using your email address and purchasing an item from us, you acknowledge that you are on our mailing list as a recipient of our news and updates. You may opt out to emails being sent to you by simply forwarding us an email stating that you do not want to be contacted anymore. This will result in you being taken off our mailing list and not receiving any further emails. All of our purchases and business activity is handled through PayPal and their secure servers or through national/international banks or institutions. CreativemindsUK does not see, use, or know your financial information and we never ask for it personally. Your information remains private.

Final Agreement & Contact Details


If you have any questions concerning anything listed in this document or any content in the Terms & Conditions, you can contact us anytime via email:


If any term, and/or corresponding content in these Terms and Conditions, is not understood fully, it is the customers/licensee’s obligation and responsibility to inform himself of the concerned terms to avoid any misunderstanding.


This website content is copyright of CreativemindsUK - © 2015. All rights reserved. You must not distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or any other form of electronic retrieval system.


These Terms and conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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