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A Sneak Preview Of The Iphone 7

2015 is going to be an exciting year for Apple and their fans. We are expecting the release of the Apple Watch, a new iPad along with the iPhone 6c, iPhone 6s and the eagerly awaited iPhone 7. Yes, all in one year people. So what can we expect, when are they out and what will the iPhone 7 look like?

We will see two waves of iPhone releases in 2015. In Spring, Apple will be releasing their new wearable technology, the Apple Watch. It’s expected that we will see the iPhone 6s and 6c released at the same time as the Apple Watch. In September, when Apple have their favored Q3 launch spot, is when many are expecting them to unveil the iPhone 7. SO WHAT WILL THE IPHONE 7 LOOK LIKE?

Can we expect a dressed up version of the iPhone 6 or will we see some new revolutionary design? The iPhone 6 was a big change for Apple, and it’s most successful yet, with a record-breaking 74.5 million iPhones sold during the past quarter. The iPhone 6 (4.7 inch screen) has outperformed the 5s (4 inch screen) and the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5 inch screen). This could mean that the 4.7 inch screen is the way forward for Apple, but experience shows they won’t ditch the 5s that easily. We are predicting that the new iPhone 6c will modelled off the 5s, the new iPhone 6s will be the next generation iPhone 6, and the new iPhone 7 will be closely modeled from the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple generally hold onto the body design for two iterations, so although we won’t see a major design change, that doesn’t mean that we won’t see a load of great new features included with the iPhone 7. NEW IPHONE 7 FEATURES CAMERA This will be the most exciting feature of the new iPhone 7. The latest reports are that the camera will be a major upgrade from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Daring Fireball’s John Gruber recently said that the camera will have a two-lens system that will produce DSLR quality images.This represents a meteoric leap in technology, even for the average selfie taking iPhone camera user. A dual-lens will allow optical zoom and will also enhance the camera’s performance in low light conditions. DESIGN

Now we have already predicted the shape to remain similar to the iPhone 6 Plus, however the other changes we can expect are around the screen cover (see sapphire glass below) and the material used for the underside. Liquid metal has been considered for the iPhone 7 because it is stronger than aluminum and less is needed in the manufacturing process. This has a major impact on the size (it can be thinner) and weight (lighter) although there is still a big screen in use. A liquid metal and sapphire glass combination could give you the confidence to do away with your case too. WIRELESS CHARGING

This would be the answer to many peoples prayers. Borrowing chargers, dealing with ugly wires, sharing plug spaces and carrying around a charger just in case you run out of battery is something we are all familiar with. Wireless charging technology exists, the two options are a conduction pad and wi-fi charging, that allows devices to be charged when they are near to a charging station. This would be an amazing feature and it’s believed Apple have tried to incorporate it into future models, possibly the iPhone 7 too. FORCE TECHNOLOGY Force Technology is a great feature that Apple are introducing that allows the device to tell the difference between a tap and a press. This opens up a lot more options for commands on your apps, especially for gamers. For example, if you are playing a sports game, a touch is to walk and a press is to run, or in shooting games tap to shoot and a press to throw a grenade. This technology is already in use on the Apple Watch, so expect to see this on your new iPhone 7. NO MORE 16GB PRODUCTS iOS 8 was a headache for a many, especially those with 16GB iPhones, because of the large chunk of extra space required for the upgrade. The software is too big for the entry level phone and so it’s adoption never really took off.Apple will eventually do away with the 16GB models and make the base model the 32GB, with the iPhone 7 a 64GB. SAPPHIRE GLASS

Chrystal clear and scratch resistant screens, doesn’t that sound amazing? Sapphire is one of the hardest minerals, sitting just behind diamonds, and it has amazing scratch resistant properties. The Apple Watch will use sapphire glass and the iPhone camera cover already uses it, so many are anticipating this in the iPhone 7. The issue is it’s breakability and there are also some supply chain concerns. The technology exists, but whether the iPhone 7 screens will use it still remains up in the air. REVERSIBLE USB CHARGER This sparked excitement and speculation that this was the direction Apple was heading for the iPhone 7. The normal lightening charger connection is at one end, however you can insert the USB end either way up. If Apple don’t go with the wireless charging then this would be a nice touch. A lot of complaints center around the lightening chargers and their durability. Personally, I have never had an issue with them, but many Apply faithful’s have complained that they break too easily.

FACETIME CAMERA Whether you like it or not, we live in the selfie generation and so the importance of the FaceTime camera has never been greater. Currently the FaceTime camera is intended for exactly that, FaceTime, Skype and video communication apps (along with selfies). It is expected that there will be an increased performance from the iPhone 7 FaceTime camera, though it is not expected to be a big jump to an 8MP sapphire lens just yet.PROCESSORFor the next generation of smartphones Apple is reported to be pairing with Samsung to produce it’s AP chip. The new chips are designed to be smaller and more powerful. It’s a confusing business partnership to outsiders, but Samsung seems close to getting a deal with Apple to be the exclusive provider of Apple chips. APPLE TOUCH ID

There have been a lot of problems with the touch ID. Faithful users and fans will be pleased to know that the new model is expected to reduce reading errors and Apple is also reported to own a patent to “simultaneously identify multiple fingerprint recognition technology panels”. For further information Visit:


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