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Is this the new logo for Tokyo 2020 Olympics???

The organisers say they will not be revealing any of the designs until the winner is announced in spring. The organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games say they have shortlisted four entries in their public competition to find a new logo for the event. The shortlist has been whittled down from a total of 14,599 entries to the global public competition. The winning design will be revealed in the spring, and the organisers say they will not reveal any of the shortlisted designs before then. They add that if any of the designs are made public early, they will be disqualified from the competition. They also say that the final shortlist of four could be altered if any of the current designs fail the trademark verification process and are found to resemble any existing designs. The Tokyo 2020 organisers ditched their original logo – designed by Kenjiro Sano – following a plagiarism row. The logo was pulled just five weeks after its launch after Belgian designer Olivier Debie claimed it resembled an identity he had created for a theatre in Liège.To find a new logo, the organisers turned to the public, launched a competition open to anyone around the world. The competition ran from 24 November until 7 December and applicants were asked to “give full rein to their imagination and creativity” and created designed based around at least one of the key concepts of “the power of sport”, typifying Tokyo and/or Japan”, “world peace”, “exerting the utmost efforts and striving to achieve a personal best”, “inclusivity”, innovation and futuristic” and “regeneration”. The designer of the winning entry will receive a cash prize of JPY 1,000,000 (£5,500) and tickets to the opening ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. For more info visit: -


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