Hey, that's handy... ECO Streetlamps That Charge Your Phone!

The ‘Clover’ streetlamp by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur is a eco-friendly design conceived to lower light pollution, add a little whimsy to city centre pavements and provide a spot to charge your phone. The design, created to coincide with the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris, resembles a tree and consists of a carved wooden mast and extendable bench. The large aluminium domes above direct LED light downwards and are charged by solar panels – these also provide extra electricity to charge mobile phones.

Lehanneur describes the design as ‘a new living species – both wild and domestic, natural and technological’. At the moment you’ll only find the ‘Clover’ in Paris, but we want to see these on a street near us soon.

For more info visit: http://www.elledecoration.co.uk/news/eco-streetlamps-that-charge-your-phone/

#Eco #design #charge #phone #streetlamps #charging #productdesign #innovation #creativity #light #future

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